Our Church


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St. Barbara Church was designed by the Chicago-based architectural firm, Worthmann & Steinbach, who also built many of the magnificent Polish Cathedrals in Chicago.  The Renaissance style edifice was completed in 1914.  It is one of the few octagonal houses of worship in the Archdiocese.

There are 31 stunning stained glass windows, numerous sculptures and ceiling paintings depicting the Gospel, Stations of the Cross and the lives of Saints.

To view Art Treasures of St. Barbara Church, please click here: Art Treasures of St. Barbara Church

Our Main Altar




“Made entirely of Scagliola in colored marble effects.  Specially designed and executed in the studios of Daprato Statuary Company, Chicago, New York, Pietrasanta, Italy.” – Creations in Ecclesiastical Art: Daprato Altars; Daprato Statuary Company; 1925

The Daprato Statuary Company made the main and side altars along with a majority of the statues around our church.