St. Barbara St. Therese Unified Parish Name

Dear St. Barbara Parishioners,

The St. Barbara/St. Therese Unification Council had its second meeting on Monday, May 13th. One of the topics was the timing of choosing a joint Parish name. The options available were June or October. Even though the June date leaves us little time, it was decided that this was preferable to waiting all the way until October. The discussion then focused on how to get the word out to all parishioners of both parishes and how to make the submission of potential names as simple as possible. The document that you find inserted in the bulletin is the result. This one page document explains the process and gives guidance towards how to discern your suggestion. It also allows for the ability to complete your submission online. The Council is excited to get everyone’s feedback in order to choose the most appropriate name to reflect the future mission of our newly formed Parish. As a reminder, the worship sites will always be known as St. Barbara Church and St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church; what is being decided now is what the Parish that consists of these two worship sites will be called. Please feel free to ask any Council member for more information. Unification Council

Timetable and Naming Process:
➢ All parishioners are invited to submit ideas from May 14 – May 26.
➢ The Unification Council will consolidate parishioner input and narrow down the list to 3 to 6 names for RMC leadership to consider on May 27. (Please note the rationale for a suggested name is as important as the name. A name may pass screening because of a compelling justification.)
➢ The Episcopal Council will screen the submitted names from June 2 to June 16 and submit a final list to the Cardinal for consideration.
➢ The Cardinal selects a unified parish name on June 25.

➢ Mission-Driven. Two church communities, each with a proud history, should be thoughtfully considered; along with how we will re-focus ourselves to the mission that Jesus entrusted to us in this particular location we live in—Bridgeport and Chinatown.
➢ Unique Identity. Names are important and can define us uniquely. The name selected will reflect the identity of the newly unified community and our presence in the neighborhood. It symbolizes who we are and what we want to be as a faith community.
➢ Saints and Feast Days. The names need not necessarily be saint names; however, they should be associated with a feast day for the new Parish to celebrate. Internet links are offered for your assistance and consideration.

Let’s show our enthusiasm by inspiring the Cardinal with our ideas as he discerns the future name of our unified Parish.


Fr. Li, Fr. Marat, Unification Council Members

Options to submit a suggested name: 1) Use Google Forms; 2) Print the form below, write your suggestion neatly, and place the completed form in the collection baskets or return them to the Parish office; or 3) Email your suggestion to The deadline for submission is 11:59pm, Sunday, May 26, 2019.

Suggested Parish Name:
The reason(s) for the suggested name:

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St. Barbara Parish is a Roman Catholic community celebrating a century of faith in Chicago’s Bridgeport area.  Our faith community welcomes all people, helping them grow spiritually through liturgy, prayer, and education, and socially through activities for all ages.  Our school takes great pride in fostering these values in our children.  We give witness to our faith by sharing with each other our God-given gifts and talents.  We nourish and sustain our faith as a family by celebrating the Sacraments and the presence of the risen Lord among us in the Eucharist.